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Professional Review by The US Review of Books

The Colors of Time: A Collection of Poems

by Maya and Jello

M&J Literary Works Inc.

book review by Michael Radon​

"American justice?

The system’s corrupted!

Take to the streets!

The whole world shouts.

No justice?

No peace!"

Often poetry is used as a medium that transports readers emotionally to moments of solemn reflection or intense feelings of romance. Others use it to paint a picture of a serene view of nature unspoiled by the pace of human life or to celebrate the human jazz that is urban life. But could poetry transport its reader to the mindset of life in an ancient time? Could it isolate modernity and hold it under the microscope of twenty-four-hour binging on current events and breaking news? This collection draws inspiration from multiple sources, organizing poems by not only topics but historical periods that hold a link to the subject of each musing. From thoughts on science and the royalty of Egyptian dynasties to the civil struggles and wars of the modern era, the author ties multiple strands of thought together to lay the path for the reader to follow.

These poems are written for every reader, focusing on relatable subjects and in vocabulary that won't require the use of footnotes or a thesaurus. Readers of any age or background will be able to see themselves in some poems while broadening their horizons to a different perspective or way of life in others. Eye-opening and revealing, each piece offers the reader food for thought and a look through the author's eyes at the world around her. Following the chronological theme, the poems that end the book paint the picture of a tumultuous period marked by protests and pandemic, offering to provide some clarity in an increasingly confusing world.

Beyond the broad chapter headings, each poem is broken down into a structure of three key components: a piece of artwork that visually represents the content of the poem, a note from the author discussing the particular moment, quote, or phenomenon that inspired her to write the poem, and then the poem itself. Each of these pieces takes up a page of its own, creating a read that is briskly paced and perfect for taking a break from the rest of the day for a moment of reflection and contemplation. The threefold presentation of each poem allows the reader to absorb its meaning through the written word, visually, and by connecting with the author in a more direct way than the artful verse of each selection.

Depending on one's perspective, this is a read that may become more or less challenging as the book progresses. For those who find current events too stressful to handle, it may be difficult reading about subject matter that is still developing and unresolved in the world beyond the page. Others who are yearning to make emotional connections in a time where basic safeties seem uncertain will likely reach the end of the book and feel a relief that their guide on this emotional journey is one who understands their struggle. No matter the perspective, this is a thoroughly modern, relevant, and necessary collection of experiences and artistic opinions that will offer the mind plenty of space to roam, discover, and play.

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