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The Maya Adventure Series

Maya Goes To The Beach


Beach lovers - or children who like to imagine the beach –

 may request this feel-good book on repeat. -Kirkus Review

Maya Goes To The Beach is the third book in a series of Maya’s Adventures. Today Maya and her family take a trip to her favorite beach. The fun really begins once they get to the beach. She plays in the sand and builds a sand- castle with her family. Kyle goes surfing. And Biscuit is up to no good. 

Available in E-book or Paperback 

Maya Adventure Series E-book Collection

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Maya Sings In The Choir

DO YOU LOVE TO SING? HAVE YOU EVER DREAMT OF BEING A FAMOUS SINGER? Well join Maya on her latest Adventure as she takes center stage and dazzles the crowd with

 her family’s church choir. Dreams do come true.

Maya Sings In The Choir is the fourth book in a series of Maya’s Adventures. Today Maya goes to church with her family. But there is an unexpected turn of events. The choir will not be singing today because the lead singer has lost her voice. But wait! The lead singer asks Maya to take her place and sing with the choir. Goodness gracious! Maya has always dreamt of this moment, but she is scared. What should she do? Should she take the mic? What if she cannot sing the song on stage? Read Maya’s latest Adventure to see what Maya does.

Available in E-book and Papaerback

Maya's Rainy Day Poems


'A rhyming picture book explores the pleasures, fears and tedium of rainy days... A lively...well illustrated work...Maya's openness and the clearly loving family are likely to encourage readers to return for future adventures.'- Kirkus Review

Today Maya takes a walk home in the rain accompanied by her loving Father. She enjoys playing in the puddles. But once she gets home and Mom says she could not go outside to play the fun seemed to be all over.....or was it? She learns that there are very special things you can enjoy even when you are stuck inside on a rainy day.

Available as E-book or Paperback 

Maya Plays The Piano

'A young girl takes her first piano lesson..

. A cheerful...celebration of music... '-Kirkus Review

Today Maya is on her way to Ms. Corrie to take her first piano lesson. She is so excited the she could not wait her turn. So she rushes to the piano and discovers a Bumble-bee sticker on one of the keys. She begins to press the key. And sensing that the Bumble-bee could not hurt her, she immediately created a captivating rhythmic song - Middle C Middle C Bumble bee, Middle C Middle C Can't touch me. Soon enough she had everyone dancing to her tune. You too can join in on the fun!

Available in E-book or Paperback Formats

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